Will the Sleeping Tiger Awaken? – Conference

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With an educated and affordable workforce, abundant natural mineral wealth, proven agricultural prowess, and a developed and dependable transport infrastructure, Ukraine should by any measure be a European economic powerhouse. Yet 20 years after its independence, the nation once described as Europe’s bread basket has yet to take its rightful place.

During this positive and forward-looking conference, speakers and panelists will consider realistic strategies for national progress and suggest the pragmatic political action needed to move the country forward. Rather than focusing on laying blame for past inaction or bemoaning the country’s political and economic shortcomings, this powerful, action-oriented conference will explore how business can play a more pivotal role in Ukraine’s inevitable emergence.

Participation in “UKRAINE: Will The Sleeping Tiger Awaken?” is a must for companies already doing business in Ukraine or seriously looking at operating in the country. Obtain a realistic understanding of the country’s future, and take part in discussions that will set the stage for substantive change.

Sleeping, Awakening and Leaping Tigers

“Sleeping tigers” are countries with high potential, vast economies and substantial human resources, and which are at the crossroads of trading routes (historically and presently). Yet their potential is largely untapped due to political, social or other developmental barriers.

“Leaping tigers” are developed nations in the full force of their development. They have high-quality infrastructure and are business- and FDI-friendly. They have had the foresight to clear the path for commercial development by easing regulations and dismantling bureaucratic barriers. Most of the nations of Southeast Asia are leaping tigers today, as they have been for more than three decades. Ukraine’s closest neighbor to have awakened is Georgia, which is quickly becoming a leaping tiger in its own right.

Many educated Ukrainians have read the memoirs of Lee Kwan-Yew, the father of modern Singapore and longtime prime minister, who transformed his small island-state into a globally competitive dynamo. Singapore’s amazing success is often pinned to its top-ranked business climate – quite a success story since the country’s continued existence was being questioned in the 1970s. Singapore’s neighbor, Malaysia, is making the leap, too.

Is Ukraine the next Georgia, Singapore or Malaysia? Could it be? Should it be? This conference examines the possible options open to it. Ukraine has so much potential and its people and natural resources are waiting to be put to work. There were dreams aplenty when the nation declared its independence. Can those dreams be revived? Can the promise and optimism of the Orange Revolution be resuscitated and used to power the way forward? Will Ukraine live up to its potential, and if so, when?

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