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About Us

“International Turkish Ukrainian Businessmen Association”

The idea of founding International Turkish Ukrainian Businessmen Association (hereinafter called “TUID”) was born in March 2004. Thanks to diligence of few Turkish businessmen and moral support of our Embassy at the beginning of September in accordance with Ukrainian law system we were registered as a non profitable organization.

The 4th Board of TUID with Mr. Ercan Bekar at the helm, newly elected at the General Meeting of TUID, held on 7th March 2009, will continue concentrating upon progressing and increasing Association’s activities.

TUID accepts inpidual/corporate members. We pay special attention to the fact that our candidates provide active business activity in Ukraine. We ask copies of company registration document, passport-visa and tax ID code as complimentary documents. On the other hand, only one member from each inpidual company can be a member of TUID. Thus, the number of our members corresponds to the number of companies registered in TUID.

Companies registered in TUID, are engaged entirely in different fields of industry from construction, telecommunications, textile, banking to retail trade and purchasing raw materials.

Turkish construction companies play significant role in the International Contracting Market. Turkish construction companies working in Ukraine have established a very good reputation as responsible and competent partners, successfully completed projects of building hotels, dwelling houses, business and entertainment centres and in such a way reinforced the strength of Turkish contractors in dealing with almost all kinds of civil and industrial projects.

As to the Ukrainian sphere of telecommunication, especially to the field of GSM operators, an important contribution is made by Turkish investors, among which are a lot of our members.

Turkish textile and leather industry have achieved leadership positions not only in European market but in the International one as well. Quite a lot of Turkish textile firms working in Ukraine are dealing with retail trade and import.

Tourism industry is one more important sphere of collaboration between our countries. Turkish tourism companies successfully provide their business activity in Ukraine. Also due to the merits of our members-Turkish tourism agencies, working in Ukraine, the number of Ukrainian tourists, visiting Turkey, is rapidly increasing year to year.

Main principle of TUID is to coordinate both side businessmen in order to increase the volume of trade. We are not interested in involving any kind of business activity. We believe that each businessman is unique and once we succeed to make right connection, they will manage to do business without our presence. Our first priority is to respect legislation and concentrate on doing business in a fair environment.

Our nearest future plans include establishing representative offices in other regions of Ukraine, focusing on registration of Ukrainian members and attending serious meetings to promote image of TUID and to increase ability of finding correct people from both sides. We trust in businessmen intuition and ability of our members to make right and fast decisions. We realize that there are plenty ways of developing business collaboration between our countries, still we believe that success starts from making simple steps.

Improving of social relations between Ukraine and Turkey plays a very important role among main principles of TUID. Our Association pays a lot of attention to different social projects.

In 2007 within the framework of social responsibility program, TUID performed its first charitable project – repairing of the department of the Kyiv City Emergency Hospital. The repair works in the hospital lasted near 3 months during which owing to self-devoting joint efforts of the Turkish businessmen full reconstruction was done in the hospital and was bought all the necessary new equipment. The second project of TUID was implemented in 2008 — the project of reconstruction and equipping language laboratory for studying Turkish in gymnasium Obolon.  This year, as usual, TUID became one of the sponsors of the Turkish language Olympiad 2009.

Finally, we would like to emphasize the significance of continuing and strengthening historically friendly relations between Turkey and Ukraine in 21st century. However important business rules, meetings and contracts are, we shouldn’t forget the importance of friendly feelings and relationships. Nowadays we can see the importance of mutual understanding between countries and cultures. In our turn, on behalf of Turkish businessmen who spend in Ukraine a part of their life we’d like to wish further increasing of trade relations between our countries in future as well.

You can always reach us via our PR Director Alaaddin Güven Memis (  +38 063 390 18 48 , [email protected] ) as well as via our web site www.www.arsiv.tuid.org.ua or [email protected]

Using the services of our website you can always get latest news, issuing in 3 languages, about current events in Ukraine and Turkey, also at our website you can find useful information concerning our members, Association’s work and projects.

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