Lviv’de, Uluslararası Türk Ukrayna İşadamları Derneği mayıs ayında da manşette

7 Haziran 2016 Kapalı Yazar: TUİD WebAdmin


Lviv şehrinin en önemli yatırım gazetesi olan ‘Lviv City Investment’ ın mayıs sayısında da, nisan sayısında olduğu gibi Uluslararası Türk Ukrayna İşadamları Derneği(TUİD) manşette yer aldı. Belediyenin yayın organı, Rynair’in Lviv uçuşları görüşmelerini, Avusturya firmaları alım heyetlerinii, TUİD’in Batı Ukrayna Şubesinin açılışını, Lviv’in Avrupa’da görülmesi gereken ilk on şehirden biri seçilmesini ve artık dünyaca kabul edilen Lviv Jazz Festivalini geçtiğimiz ayın manşet haberleri olarak sayfalarına taşıdı.

The largest low-cost airline in Europe, Ryanair, is holding negotiations with Lviv on the flights to the city, Ryanair Chief Commercial Officer David O’Brien said in an interview with Forbes Ukraine.

“Ukraine today can be considered only as am additional route to our key markets. They are Italy, Spain, Britain, Ireland and Germany where there are many popular routes closer than Ukraine. Broadly speaking, our business model is that each additional flight increases our production cost per passenger and we expect that this investment is returned. There is demand in Ukraine on flights to many countries. These are mostly flights to the east and north where Ryanair does not have the right to fly,” he said.

O’Brien also said that Ukraine is too large, and its airports are physically located far from each other and can be independent.

In 2015, Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure established open skies for the airports of Lviv and Odesa in order to attract new airlines and increase passenger flow in those cities.

On May 17, Embassy of Ukraine in Austria organized individual meetings between key buyer representatives of Austrian retailer chains Rewe Billa, Spar and Metro with 12 Ukrainian manufacturers of sweets, beverages, honey, fish and dairy products.

“Ukrainian products can boast of high quality while maintaining low production costs, and are thus able to gain recognition and appraisal on any market. Following extensive research, we chose 12 of the best local producers who are willing and have all opportunities to export their products to Europe, whose merchandise we hope will soon complement the range of Austrian supermarkets,” said Gregory Fishman, senior investment advisor at Deloitte.

Cooperation with Turkish and Ukrainian business will intensify after оpening of the Western Ukraine Branch of the International Turkish-Ukrainian business-association (TUID) in Lviv.
It will help in business coordination for businessmen of both countries.
Ukrainian and Turkish officials visited the ceremony of TUID opening.“Another historic day for us in Ukraine. Opening of the Western Ukraine Branch of the International Turkey Ukraine Business Association(TUID),in Lviv together with the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Ukraine HE Yonet Can Tezel and the chairman of the Onur Construction(the largest Turkish company in Western Ukraine) Onur Cetinceviz. Now Turkish and Ukrainian flags are together in Lviv,” said Burak Pehlivan, president/chairman of the International Turkey Ukraine Business Association.

Lonely Planet’s travel experts have combed the continent to create the ultimate selection of European destinations to see this year. Lviv in the fourth place.

“Lviv, a wonderfully welcoming central European city, boasting the best Ukraine has to offer. It’s the festival capital of the region, with a record 100 events this year – the most popular dedicated to coffee, jazz and Ukrainian independence. These take place against a backdrop of by far the greatest concentration of architectural treasures in the country.”

Lviv IT Jazz Conference is a C-level networking event, that unites major IT, investment, and business representatives. It takes place during Alfa Jazz Fest, so the visitors can attend the jazz performances and listen to prominent business speakers. Lviv IT Jazz Conference is a unique opportunity to listen to three streams about infrastructure, investments, and joint IT projects while networking and attending jazz concerts afterwards.
Olha Syvak, Chief Investment Officer.

Developing business/IT ecosystem is not an easy task, but it’s possible when involving city and state representatives. Among them – Olha Syvak, Chief Investment Officer at Lviv City Council. Olha is an expert with 15+ years experience in investment banking and financial advisory, who now drives forward business and investments in the city of Lviv.

Join Olha to learn about financial expertise, city potential, and IT needs during the favorite season of Lviv IT Jazz!