Lviv City Investment News

17 Mayıs 2016 Kapalı Yazar: admin


Fujikura Automotive Ukraine Lviv that produces automotive parts has been opened in Lviv. Top Ukrainian officials visited the ceremony of Fujikura Opening.

“Let this event be a powerful signal for all potential investors that believe in our country,” the President Poroshenko said during the ceremony.

Total foreign investments into the plant at the first stage reached € 3 million. At the moment Fujikura is hiring 550 employees.The plan is to expand to 3 000 employees by the end of 2017.


“Potential benefits of the Free trade Agreement(FTA) between two countries were discussed together with Turkish and Ukrainian businessmen at Roundtable in Lviv. After implementing FTA, Lviv region will become one of the most attractive region in Ukraine for Turkish investors. FTA doesn’t mean only more trade, it means more investment too. For example, before signing FTA, Turkish Investment in Egypt was 50 million dollars and after implementing FTA between two countries this figure had become 2 billion dollars only over 3 years. Turkish companies have already invested in Ukraine more than 2 billion dollars,” said Burak Pehlivan, president/chairman of the International Turkey Ukraine Business Association.


Folk Moda is manufacturer of modern Ukrainian clothing in national style based in Lviv. Company founders are Ukrainians, Maxym Tuhanov and Petro Skirchuk.

All stages of production the company performs independently, from the model development to packaging. The company owns sewing, fittering, knitting and embroidery manufacturing shops, staffed by qualified specialists.

Folk Moda’s products are popular not only in Ukraine, recently the company started to export to Canada.


COMMERCIAL VEHICLE GROUP – is a leading provider of the cab-related solutions for the commercial vehicles including truck, bus, construction equipment, agriculture and specialty vehicle industries.

CVG owns 29 factories in 9 countries (USA, Australia, China, Czech Republic, Mexico, Ukraine, UK)

In July 2012, the company opened a factory in Lviv and now 900 employees work in CVG Ukraine.

Today Lviv factory manufactures electronic wiring harness assemblies for Czech car manufacturing industry based on give-and-take raw materials.

“The main reason of opening manufacturing plant in Lviv is based on potential development opportunities, favorable geographical location and good infrastructure for export to Europe”, – said Michal Cerman, Executive Director of CVG Ukraine.