Chairman of the Italian Businessmen Association in Ukraine (AIU) Visits TUİD

13 Eylül 2012 Kapalı Yazar: admin


Chairman of the Italian Businessmen Association in Ukraine (AIU) Visits TUİD

A group of Italian businessmen, headed by the Chairman of the Italian Businessmen Association in Ukraine (AIU) Giuseppe Laghezza Masci, visited TUİD. AT THE VİSİT, Mr. Masci made a presentation to Turkish businessmen on Ukraine from the point of view of Italian businessmen. After the presentation, Giuseppe Masci reiterated that, although AIU has a historical baskground of 10 years, it had not been able to pursue an active policy until recently, however, during the last 6 months period it managed to gain 20 more members, thus, the number of its members reached 80. masci said that their newest member is Unicredit, which is the giant of the Italian banking sector. Moreover, Masci said that 85 percent of their members are Italian firms, however, they have a great potential for gaining much more members in Ukraine considering the fact that according to the official records in Ukraine more than 250 companies deal with business.

The Chairman of AIU stressed that Ukraine represents a great potential for Italian companies especially in the sectors of construction, finance, ready wear and food, and he expressed that he has been deeply impressed by the growth of Turkey and by the dynamism of Turkish enterpreneurs. Mr. Masci drew attention to the fact that the two Mediterranean countries, i.e. Turkey and Italy have a lot of things in common especially in the culture of doing business and he said that Italian and Turkish economies are not competing economies, on the contrary, they complete each other. Furthermore, the Chairman of AIU stressed that, although he himself as an Italian does not desire such a scenario, in the case that the current trends of the Turkish economy continue in the same way, in the middle term Turkish economy will overtake Italian economy.

The Chairman of AIU reiterated that, they have been deeply impressed by the technical and physical facilities of Turkish-Ukrainian Businessmen Association, by its members and the activities that are realized by TUİD. Furthermore, the Chairman of AIU said “although TUID is a younger organization compared with our organization, we will especially take TUID as a model of role for the realization of our target to establish our own businessmen association in a better way”. Mr. Burak Pehlivan, the Vice-Chairman of TUID, on his turn, said that they had welcomed the managers of the German Business Association in Ukraine (DWK) three weeks ago in the office of TUID and this time they are glad to welcome the delegation headed by the Chairman of AIU. Pehlivan stated that TUID has been increasing cooperation with the businessmen associations of other countries in Ukraine and cooperation protocoles are concluded with them with one after another and he said that TUID will sustain help to AIU in all issues.

At the end of the visit, bilateral negotiations took place between the businessmen of the two countries. The protocols, concerning broad-scale cooperation between TUİD and AİU were signed by the Chairman of AIU Mr. Giuseppe Laghezza Masci on behalf of AIU, and by the Vice Chairman of TUİD Mr. Burak Pehlivan, on behalf of TUİD.